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You see a lot of facial cumshots in porn today, pretty much all the scenes end in one. But you don't see much cum swallowing. I don't think a lot of the female porn starlets like to swallow cum. But guess what? We found a bunch of hot amateurs and porn stars who will gladly do it! We have over one hundred full length hardcore sex scenes, and at the end of each one, the woman swallows. Yup, you don't have to go searching any more. We have enough movies here to keep you jerking for weeks, or months, or maybe even a year if you don't get much time to yourself.
Our videos are very high quality, and you can download them all. We don't put any DRM on them, so once you download them, they are yours to keep. If you would like to have a hard drive filled with high quality cum swallowing videos, we have the site for you to start building one massive archive.

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Getting Your Girlfriend to Swallow

Oh forget about it. She is never going to do it. It is just too nasty. Just kidding. I have met a few women who prefer to swallow after a blowjob rather than hold it in their mouth or get it all over their face or hands. It actually is the cleanest way to do thing. If you get it all, there is no cleanup. Very handy. This makes a persuasive argument. And ladies, if it doesn't bother you too much, it is much nicer to the guy than dashing off to the bathroom to spit out the goo. Not too many guys feel great if they think they just made their loved one gag on some nasty thing.


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   They over 400 DVD's online, and any one of them is practically worth the membership price. For example, if you like videos where the women swallow, they have "Semen Sippers", "No Cum Dodging Allowed 1 & 2", and "Suck it Up". Right there is a $100 worth of DVD's, and you have barely scratched the surface. Their Cum Swallowing section currently has 51 full scenes - more than some sites that only have that - and you get over a thousand more scenes included. This is a site that will let you just fill your hard drive with hundreds of Gigs of really nice looking videos.

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